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Aerial Image Systems was founded by Curtis Hildebrand in 2017 and has been in the Aviation Profession as a USAF C-130 Crew Chief 92' to 95" and Certified RPIC with sUAV / Drone equipment since 2017.


AIS Has been involved in many types of UAVs projects working with Utilities, Real Estate, and Project Surveys across the Western United States. AIS and OFP also produce their own Cinema Projects released on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Including Music Videos with Post Production in Audio, Video and Film.

Curtis and Carl are a team of professional UAC operators and Curtis is a Veteran Cinema Producer. OFP is now providing cinema and finish production services for special projects, we can help with advertisement, PSA, and music videos.

We use DJI and Blackmagic and Sony Cinema grade equipment and for post production we use Adobe Suite and Da Vince 18. For Audio production we use Pro-Tools and Sonar Pro. 

About AIS / OFP
Curtis Hildebrand
Carl Salmonsen
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