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 About the Cowboy,

Flyin' Cowboy was born in Southern, CA in 64'. He grew up in the SoCal, Hollywood and Highland Park Ca. area until he was 11 years of age and then would move to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He would drop out of High School before 15 years of age and become a mountain man near the Colorado border in the  New Mexico Carson National Forest near Taos.  A few years would pass with his adventures and by the time he was 21, His grandfather insisted he go to school again. So he would enroll in College for the next 4 years. He would go on to make the Deans list 3 semesters in a row in college as a Equine and Ranch Manager and Major in Environmental Science. He was also a horse trainer and rode Western Reigning and Hunt Seat and eventually would join the USAF and Graduate with Honors from Lackland AFB. and train at Sheppard AFB as a C-130  Hercules Crew Chief. FC was also a entrepreneur started 5 Companies in his life with design and engineering and various arts as part of his background in the last 25 years of various careers. One of FC's passion was Martial Arts and was a Student of 7 Martial Arts styles off and on over 30 years. In styles such as Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Combat Tai Chi, Shotokan Karate, Hapkido, and Jeet Kune Do and would compete in the Open Karate Nationals and place 6th in the Top Ten of the Midwest Nationals for Kenpo by age 30. He then decided years later after retiring as an instructor in both Kempo and JKD to begin studies in Muso Jikiden Eshin Ryu also known a Batto Ho or Kenjitsu sword arts.  FC also studied Audio Engineering and Cinema Arts and would go on to Produce Albums for Several Artist including his own releases for distribution as well as Music Movies and and Videos.  4 Time Sammies Nominee Writer / Lead Man for Stillwood Sages. A primarily self taught musician and writer on Guitar and Piano, over the Years he would have a peak Career in the Performing arts in his 20's, 40' and 50's,  During all these years FC would study Music, Martial Art and Fine Arts from many mentors.  Flyin' Cowboy is a original writer performer and engineer along with a eclectic mix of covers with some of the most talented musicians in the Norcal Area. ​He is currently a Certified Drone Pilot and Cinema creator for various nature and music productions with releases on Youtube and Prime Movie releases since 2016.

Flyin' Cowboy, Chrysta Rose, Fred LaMay, Mark Siefert, Tim Onorato, Carl Salmonsen, Tom Butler.

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